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The past, people in the east of hard work; carve, now, Oriental people into the future, innovation. Years have passed, marshes, Asians with time and sweat to create the miracle of corporate and brand development, interpretation of "Oriental Myth".

Glory, lies beyond. The accumulation of honor is not the goal of the Oriental, and it is the eternal pursuit of the eternal transcendence..

The nature of transcendence is the "brand", Zhenping carpet to the broad and profound Chinese civilization and carpet culture based, endow the enterprise with rich cultural heritage, shaping the brand classic. The way of transcendence is "quality", and quality is the enterprise stand the market based, Zhenping carpet adhere to scientific and technological innovation, professional and profound, is committed to to improve the quality of carpet. Beyond the essence is "taste", carpet is a kind of taste, is a kind of culture, Zhenping carpet "inheriting the oriental culture, to create a concentrated expression of the taste of life".

In 1987, Zhenping carpet Group building success, Oriental Rugs entered a new historical period of development. New starting point, new opportunities, Zhenping, carpet reinstall the momentum, new attitude to meet new challenges, Oriental culture inheritance, revitalize national industry, to enhance the level of human life and civilization progress and continuous efforts.

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