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The Process of Hand-made Carpet

time:2020-05-28 11:07:5  

The handmade silk carpet made in our factory are high value added products and all are done by hand through complicated process. It will take many complicated processes to weave these beautiful carpets. The process is as follows:

1. Pattern design: Firstly we need a blueprint, it may be designed by our designer or we can also make it according to your design. 

2. Silk reeling: Reeling off the raw silk from high quality cocoons: To do this, we need to clean the cocoons first by putting them into the boiling water. Make sure the cocoons are clean after many times filtration. Then we start to reel off the raw silk after 20 minutes boiled in the water. Divide the silk into different thicknesses according to different requires. 

3. Dyeing: According to the blueprint, workers put dye and salt along with the silk into the vat, keep turning them for about 40 minutes to make the color even. Dry the silk after. Then silk is ready. 

4. Weaving: Fixing the warp and weaving. The weaver can do their job on request now. This process will be a very complex and a time-consuming one. Usually it takes months to finish one piece. It also has a high demands on the eyesight. After finishing a 1000 lines carpet, the weaver’s vision will be lost in some extent and will not be able to make another one after. That’s why the high-quality and elegant silk carpets are called soft gold.

5. Surface treatment: Make the surface smooth by using a flatting machine.

6. Washing: After washing, the carpet will become more clean and bright

7. Revamping: Hand fringed,edges cutting,refinish 

8. After all these steps and final check by our professional workers, then it’s ready to enter the market. 

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