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Talent idea

time:2015-05-28 11:45:5  

The core idea: let the people have the opportunity to work, to officers who have the stage, do nothing, people have the status of treatment. Just, really will be used.

One is the principle of have both ability and political integrity. Selection and use of personnel in accordance with a comprehensive measure, the requirement of having both ability and political integrity, insist on not only virtuous is mediocre, talent without virtue is the villain, integrity can not be neglected.

Two is the "effect theory" principle. In it, we do not see the degree of the ability to see, do not look to see diploma level, whatever the identity, what degree, what age, if done well, doing better than others, outstanding achievement is outstanding, it boldly, entrusted with the task. At present, the average age of the company technicians and middle managers is about 35 years old, the average age of the workshop director is about 30 years old.. Although these people are not very old, and some degree is not very high, but the ability, drive, performance. We adhere to the "effect" theory mechanism, so that a large number of both ability and political integrity of the talent to come to the fore, become the backbone of the enterprise development.

Three is the first principle of practice. "Try jade to burn three days full, distinguish only need to stay seven years". Over the years, where the Shifeng group work of all kinds of professionals, we are the first to arrange to workshop production line, let the exercise to improve the practice, then through public examinations, merit based selection.

Four is the principle of survival of the fittest. In the personnel selection, we implement the transformation from "simple" to "choose race horse", who did the best, we as a talent to be reused. Otherwise, only to be eliminated.

Five is the principle of "everyone is talent". The use of the talents, eliminate mode and mystery, the person who should do, the amount applied. As long as the right position to play the greatest degree of talent, is a certain sense of talent. We in accordance with this principle, according to each employee's level, expertise, experience, character, and so on, arrange to suitable position, give full scope to the talents, they do it, promote the sustainable, rapid and efficient development.

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